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Best Window Dressing To Impress The Neighbours

Impressing your neighbours can be quite the challenge and for some, a complete and utter joy; depending on what type of neighbours you have and so on! Today, we are going to go over some of the best window dressing in regards of impressing your neighbours!

Always Have a Focal Point

Itâs key to always remember to have a great focal point in your room, whichever room you decide that should be in. What is a key focal point? Well, a key focal point within a room is something that will draw your eyes right to it; as in having great focus on something. Say, for instance you have an open window, peering right into your home. Alright, well there is nothing sitting in front of the window and your neighbours just have a straight view into your whole room; hence, thereâs no focal point. What I would do is sit a tall figure of some sort, in the realm of a statue in front of the window, or even to the side to give your âviewersâ some type of focal point, which in the long run will bring more attention to your windows and curtains. Itâs like youâre giving respect and accent to your windows, as well the curtains too.

Never Too Afraid to Add Color

Itâs always a great idea to add an extra pop of color when trying to impress your neighbours because color gives definition, style, and a certain type of personal class thatâs specific to each individual and you do want to stand out, correct? When your neighbours drive, or walk by your home, how amazing would it be to have curtains which glow in the dark, or curtains which change their hue with the wind or gravity? Even if you have to settle with the average, stand-still curtains, just add hot and exciting colors! How about a different curtain for each section on the curtain rod? Spice it up a little! Give the neighbours âsomething to talk aboutâ.

Bling It Out with Bamboo

Now, this accent right here is a given towards any effect within the home if youâre wanting to impress the neighbours! If you add bamboo accents to your windows, as in having bamboo as your blinds and even sitting bamboo accents in the window gives your home the effect of cleanliness, peace, and divine style to your home. Find your perfect shutter read more here:

Silk Panels

Having silk panels around the windows will definitely run you up in the price range, but the overall look will be so classy and breathtaking to your neighbors, making most of them so very envious and really, if the truth be known, who wouldnât want that in regards of trying to impress the neighbours? Having silk panels will give your room the effect of high luxury, uptown fashions, and a feel for true allure. It would be in best interest to keep the coloring of the silk panels an offset white, pearl white or even a pale pink. A true dash of color will just add the high expenditure of class to the next levels rather than just having that usual, stark white coloring.


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