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Diy Aquaponics: General Safety Tips

The following are safety tips and guidelines that are essential for whatever DIY Aquaponics Systems you implement. The tips contained here benefit you as well as the fish and plants you are growing.

Electricity and Power

Take note that all aquaponics systems make use of electricity, albeit in minimal amounts. That is why it is necessary to make sure that power safety practices becomes one of your priorities. Your system will include at least a water pump. Some systems require some lighting facilities.

The power supply for your pond pump should be kept safe and away from any water source. You should also make use of an RCD as a safety precaution. You should also make it a practice to turn off the pump every time you need to put your hands into the water (e.g. when adding or removing fish or when you need to add water to the tank).

You should inspect all leads in your diy aquaponics system regularly. Remember to keep all forms of electrical equipment out of the rain and moisture. Leads should be kept out of site and out of reach of children. Never place electrical items in positions where they can get accidentally knocked into the water.

Water Supply

Never add too much water when you top up your tanks water supply. There have been many incidents where people forgot about the running water they turned on. They had a hose in the tank and the water supply was kept running. This can potentially drain out the good bacteria required for the nitrating and nitrating process. Remember that tap water can kill the fish due to the chlorine content in it. Chlorine in the water can also kill the bacteria in the grow beds.

Other than adding too much tap water, you should also make sure that any open water you have in your set up is properly covered. Kids are pretty curious and they may reach in the fish tank or growbed. A wire mesh can come in handy to keep unwanted hands away. Well, its not just the children you should think about your pets (e.g. a cat) can also mess with your system (cats and fish dont mix).

Ensure Proper Storage of All Your Equipment

All equipments and supplies for your diy aquaponics system should be stored properly. Again, keep them away from the kids, pets, and other pesky folks who may not know how to handle them properly. Most of your supplies will include fish food and the substrate that you will use for the growbeds.

Maintenance Schedule

Make sure to stick to your maintenance schedule. Make sure to adjust the temperature in your fish tank when temperatures change. You can use an aquarium heater for that. You should also periodically test the pH of the water; use pH test kit to measure and adjust the water as needed. Follow your maintenance schedule religiously and everything will be alright.


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