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Home Automation For Your Tiny Home In Jacksonville, Fl

A lot of people nowadays live in big houses that they have acquired through expensive mortgages. It is not uncommon for a house-buyer to have to part with $80k just as the first down payment on their future home.

This traditionally expensive way of securing a house for yourself is slowly falling out of fashion however. More and more people now are looking to go down in size, rather than get a big expensive house that fills up really quickly with all kinds of things that you don’t really need. Many people find that the bigger the house, the more stuff they actually hoard over time. Now this is only one benefit of downsizing.

Imagine that rather than putting your hard-earned $80k on the first down payment on a big house and taking on a huge mortgage, you could actually be a debt-free house owner for that same price. And for the price of double or triple that amount you could own several small, smart, houses in all of your favorite locations. Other benefits include reduced energy bills as small houses use less electricity and gas, you pay a lower tax rate, and there is next to no maintenance required. In a big house there is always something braking down that needs fixing.

A trend that has been brewing and growing alongside the new idea of moving into smaller houses, is the idea of making your small home “smarter” through home automation Jacksonville. It makes sense if you think about it; we are all striving to get smarter gadgets that make our daily lives easier, so why not implement that inside our homes? Having smart gadgets to help run your house will also further help you reduce your living costs, and in fact, it can help declutter your abode too.

This is not only some conjured-up idea, research shows that by the end of 2016 over half of all homeowners will have invested in some form of smart home technology. If you are living in a small house, and looking to live a minimalist lifestyle, then it may be a smart (excuse the pun) idea to invest in the above mentioned technology. It will not only help you to have all the controls for entertainment systems in one place, but it will help you keep your costs down by controlling your energy usage. The technology of today can also help you keep an eye on your little house (or all your little houses) when you are away from home.


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