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Nature-friendly Diy Tasks For Your Home

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, many people are becoming more aware of its effects to the environment and learn ways on how to care of it. This is the reason why organic products are now being made available commercially and a lot of ideas on how to turn your world green can be found in various resources.

You can turn your home into an environment-friendly place by having these green DIY home improvements done. These projects can be done in small spaces or big homes with merbau decking in Sydney.

1. Change the flooring

There are several selections for an environment-friendly flooring for your home. You can have different kinds installed in every room or choose to have one type of flooring in the entire house. First, you can install a Marmoleum flooring, a brand name of a linoleum product, which is made from natural raw materials. This is water and stain resistant and biodegradable.

You can also use bamboo as your flooring in one of the rooms. This is a kind of grass and grows within the span of three years. This is easy to install. Just choose the right colors that will match or create a contrasting effect on the paint of the wall.

If you prefer a hardwood, the top choices include White Tigerwood and Brazilian Cherry. These may be costly, but will definitely last longer than oak.

2. Have a cool roof installed

This will help you conserve the electricity that you use during the hot months. This works by reflecting off the sun's heat. This may look like the traditional roofing materials, so you have to indicate that you are looking for this particular material when you buy. Make sure that you have someone to assist you when working on the roof and get all the materials that you need before you climb on top.

3. Install solar panels in your roof

You may consider getting this done when you are changing your roof or if you have decided to install a cool roof. The panels may be expensive, but you have to think of the long-term effects of this project. This will cut your electricity bill, the amount will depend on how big the panels are. Make sure that you understand everything about how to install the panels before you leave the store where you will get these from. Keep the store's telephone number handy, so you can ask for help when something has gone amiss during the installation process.

4. Use paint that has low VOC content

The VOC or volatile organic compounds that are found in paints, contribute to air pollution. The compounds are also bad for the health because inhaling too much of these can lead to respiratory ailments. By painting your house with low VOC paint, it will smell good and you will not feel guilty about adding to the world's problem with pollution.

As you may have noticed, you will need to shell out more money as you begin turning your home into an eco-friendly space. You will benefit in the long run and get your money back by saving up on your medical and electric bills.


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