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The Right Way To Clean Your Car Using A Car Vacuum Cleaner

Your car can often be a boundless bundle of clues for Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick to reveal your deepest and darkest secrets to your personal life, and why shouldn’t it be? A car is a companion, and for many their very first spouse.

Here are some ways for properly cleaning your car using a vacuum cleaner:

Start with the Big Pile First

When vacuuming your car, its best that you dispose-off big items and leftovers such as cans and bottles that might be too big for your partner in dirt-fighting to swallow on its own.  Disposs the trash which will not fit inside the nozzles of the vacuum cleaner. Doing this first will make things easier from here onwards.

Take away the Mats to Reveal the Truth

Instead of starting to vacuum right way, its best that you remove the floor mats first. This will help in getting a much cleaner and thoroughly vacuumed floor for your vehicle. With the floor mats out of the way, your actual mission begins.

Choose the Right Tools

it is not enough to use of an adequately powerful vacuum device. Choosing the right kind of adjustable tools makes a huge difference. Since the interior of the car is an enclosed and jammed place, it doesn’t provide the needed room for free movement for your device. It’s best that you look for a vacuum that provides you ease of use such as long nozzles that can even go under the seats and tight spots.

Vacuum all that Grime

Make sure you’re able to reach areas which are hidden from direct view. This means going under the seats, folds, corners and sides of both seats and the floor.

Use brushes and then Re-vacuum for better finish. With years of use, there is a high possibility that there might be loads of piled up dirt and dust in your car. This maybe too hard for your vacuum to get rid of in one go. Hence, use a bristled brush to scrub off dust and grime. This makes it easier for the vacuum to clean the car effectively and thoroughly.

Remove the Seat and Do Small Sections at a time

When cleaning your car, you can’t let bygones be bygones. It’s time to get serious and as a car lover it’s your downright duty to clean every small section of the car at least once.   This means venturing into every single detail of your vehicle’s interior and be sincere to clean them with the effort and time required. You can do so by dividing the inside of the car into sections and making sure that each one of them is thoroughly cleaned.


Rather than taking your car to a place where they will charge you money, cleaning the car yourself with a car vacuum cleaner is an easy chore and surprisingly rewarding. All you need to do is to set aside a little time and do it yourself. The more often you perform these quick cleans, the easier they become the next time round, taking even lesser time and effort.





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