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The Worst Home Improvement Disasters You Need To Avoid

Successful home improvement requires a lot of planning, money and patience. Without one of these three, you may find yourself dealing with a disaster you never thought could happen to you. Here are some of the worst home improvement disasters with huge setbacks that you need to avoid:

Forgetting Your Building Permit One of the many mistakes of home improvement beginners and professionals alike is forgetting to fill up paperwork for a building permit. Whether you are renovating the house independently or hiring a contractor you will still need a building permit. Some contractors may say that its not necessary but the rule of thumb is if youre going to tear something down and/or build something up you need a permit for it. The last thing you need when making an expensive home improvement is a fine and the longest delays caused by further inspections.

Not Re-Assessing Your Plans Home improvement needs some form of planning to begin with, otherwise youll end up doing something really stupid and permanent. Simple things like floor space for the door and a place for electric sockets are easily overlooked. If you dont want to live with a home improvement disaster for the rest of your life, learn to double check your plans and ideas. Ask the opinion and advice of others in case you miss an important detail.

Incorrect Measurements A lot of things could go wrong with a measurement thats 1 centimeter too short. Imagine trying to install a sink and finding out you misinterpreted the number 8 with 3 on your measurements. Not only will you need to start all over again, youll end up spending twice the amount of expenses for the mishap. Make sure that you check your measurements twice before making the cut and, to be sure, add some allowance.

Underestimating Doing it yourself is a lot cheaper but it could result to an underestimation which could lead to a potential disaster. People oftentimes start at home improvement without realising how much time, money and effort it takes to finish. Some people start out with improving one area of the house only to find several other issues that need fixing, furthermore stressing the budget and time it takes to finish. If you dont want to be surprised by how much you need to fix and improve around your house do a quick check up first. If youre planning to improve your kitchen, for example, check for the pipelines and the sinks drainage as well so that you wont have to worry about it while changing the tiles or switching to a different sink tap. Remember, prevention is better than cure or in the case of home improvement disasters preparedness is better than having to redo.

Get a professional to finish the job Get a professional decorator to complete the job. This does not mean don't do a professional job on the building works and cover it up with a great decorating job. It simply means get a high quality Painter and Decorator to make the job look as good as can be.


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