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What Air Cleaners Can Do For You?

Air is one of the most essential and abused free-commodity of modern times. The current air is reported to be receiving more toxins than it had in the previous decades. Hence, it is highly imperative that we take measures to ensure for ourselves and loved ones that what we breath is rid of all sorts of harmful substances. Air cleaners are such devices that can help us do that with much ease and less hassle in their installation.

Here are some of the most vital reason why they should be used by all of us who are concerned about  creating a healthy living spaces:

Cardiovascular Benefits

A study by Institute of Public Health in Copenhagen on HEPA air cleaners showed that many couples out of the 21 pairs of research subjects showed a marked improvement in the micro-vascular functions. As much as 60% of all the ultrafine and coarse particles in the air where also found to be removed through the purifying process of the appliance. The overall effect is to reduce the burden on the respiratory system of the body which can later on translate to improvement in the overall cardiovascular health.

Cleaner and More Purified Air

The gold standard for all air filters is undoubtedly the HEPA filters. These devices are so precise that they can remove at most 99.9% of all dust particles that are bigger than 0.3 microns.  This ensures that indoor air is free from dust, pet dander, pollen, smoke and pollutants commonly found in the air we breathe. With this technology, users, especially those who are sensitive to breathing related problems like asthma and other allergens can finally be at ease.   

Removing Odor, Smoke and Much More

Many devices used at homes and offices nowadays provide more than just filtered air. The activated-carbon layering in some of the devices helps in fighting bad odors and smoke residues which are not easily removed by filtration of air alone.

Additionally, some devices also use Ultra-Violet screening and ionizers as separate mechanisms to make the air clean. The UV screening in some devices uses the light from a lamp within the device to attack harmful germs and viruses, and to eliminate them. Whereas the ionizer produces an abundance of negatively charged ions for removing impurities from the air.


Air cleaners are essential on both private and commercial places. Health is gift that should be cared for relentlessly. The appliances are able to remove various dangerous compounds from entering your nasal passages like tobacco smoke

For those who are deeply concerned for the well being of their loved ones, installation of an air filter is a good step to move forwards to a safer dwelling environment and at work places as well. The current testing of such devices have enough benefits and advantages to be taken seriously and make them a considerable option to be used to improving our life styles and outlook towards life itself.   


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