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What Eco-friendly Shutter Options Should You Consider For Your Home?

It is admirable to be someone who uses the most eco-friendly products they can find in their home, and when it comes to renovation time, there is no reason why you can't extend the trend you have already started. You may find it confusing about how to choose new shutters that suit your personal ethics, but you can find options that are gentle on the environment. You just have to know where to start searching, and these tips will help you to make a decision about what type of shutters will work best for you.

Wood Shutters

You may automatically discount wood shutters from your shopping list because trees are cut down to make them. While this is true, there are eco-friendly practices in use that should make you rethink your stance on this product.

If you do love the look of wood shutters, one of the first things you should do is investigate the history of the wood that is being used. For example, if the wood comes from a sustainable forest environment, then it is still worthy of considerable. Sustainable forest practice means that every time a tree is cut down, it is immediately replaced with another.

Alternatively, look for shutters that have been made from reclaimed wood. Reclaimed trees are ones that have naturally come down because of nature, such as large storms. Rather than sitting on the ground and rotting, the wood is reclaimed and used to make furniture and furnishings.

Also, you could consider buying shutters that have either been made from recycled wood or ones that are second-hand. Recycled wood shutters may have started out their life as barn doors or fences but rather than being thrown in the tip, the wood has been reused to make the shutters. Second-hand shutters will have come from someone else's house and there is often nothing wrong with them other than their owner wanted a change of style.

Using these three tips, you can easily find eco-friendly wood shutters for your home.

Non-Wood Shutters

If you are still firmly against the wood shutter idea, then you can choose a non-wood option. When you are looking at these alternatives, ask the seller what sort of chemicals have been used to make the shutter. In particular, you want to know about Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

The problem with products that have VOCs in them is that the compounds evaporate into the air as they age. Over time, the VOCs in your home could be affecting the air quality, and this is definitely not in line with the eco-friendly stance you want for your home. Since not all VOCs have an odor, you may not realise they are affecting the air quality of your home until they make you sick.

It is possible to have eco-friendly shutters in your home, but you must ask the right questions while you are shopping for them. Use these tips to find shutters that fit with your ideology so you can keep the inside house temperature nicely regulated without compromising your ideals.


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