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How To Turn Your Window Space Into Works Of Art

Do you know that if you have window space, you can turn it into a useful art? Because just like the window shutter style where you can turn it into whatever you want and so that your home will have a new feature, your window space can be used for other things besides for window. All you have to do is make sure that you have an imaginative mind and a window space for you to use so that you can apply any of this creative work for your window space.

Picture frame You can always use the window space as a photo holder. This way you wouldn't need to spend money on picture frame since now you can make your using window space. All you need is a window space in any size and a smooth wood to seal the film in, and you have your picture frame using window space.

Organizer Just like how you made the picture frame but this time you should add an allowance in the width so that certain things can be place in it and everything can be organized. You wouldn't even need a lot of money for it because as long as you have the window space and some real wood and nails, then you are all set.

Jewelry hanger This is easy because you can just place a corkboard at the back of the window space and just stick all of your jewelry on it. This way you wouldn't need to buy a jewelry box, and the best thing about this is that you can hang the jewelry anywhere in your room so that you can see all of your jewelry.

Bulletin Board You will just need a cork board and a window space and the only thing that you need to stick the cork board at the back of the window area, and you have now your very own bulletin board for your work or school work which is super cheap, easy and creative. This way you would stay organize and up to date with your job.

Hanger Make sure that you have a hook and a window space and attached the hook wherever you want in the window area and stick it on the wall. You now have your hanger to hang whatever you need. This would save you a lot of money from buying new once, and all areas in your home have been used.

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If ever you have a window space, and you don't know what to do with it then you can try any of these so that it wouldn't look too weird in your home. This way as well rather than buying new things for your home you can use the unused window space to your benefit. This after all isn't just allowing you to save money on buying new things, but it can also help you in maximizing the use of your home. You can even tell your friends and family about this so that they too can save money and be creative with their window space.